Drilling Rigs


Our drilling units are powerful, durable and versatile. As a leading provider of custom drilling solutions we offer equipment to suit your project requirements while maximizing drilling speeds and project efficiency.

K6 Drill Mast Attachment for Excavator rock drilling

K6 Excavator Rock Drill - 20ft

Excavator rock drill attachment mast for hard rock drilling, micropiling and foundations.

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K1 Skid Steer Drill Mast - 6ft

Powerful compact drill mast for skid steers and excavators.

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K1 Drill Mast Attachment - 15ft

For skid steers and excavators. Dewatering, ground anchors, pre-drilling for micropiles.

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K60 Geothermal Drilling Rig

K60 Drilling Rig

Powerful all-in-one drilling rig for waterwell and geothermal applications.

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K40 Limited Access Drilling Rig

K40 Drill Rig

Restricted access drilling rig with remote power unit and high torque.

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Restricted access drilling rig

K40 Low Headroom Drill Rig

Low headroom, high power, micropiling and geothermal applications.

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Dewatering drill rig

R30 Drilling Rig

Dewatering all-in-one drilling solution capable of geotechnical and augering.

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K2 Drill Mast Attachment for skid steers and excavators

K2 Drill Mast

High torque, deep drilling capabilities for micro piling and foundation work.

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R10 Man Portable Drilling Rig

R10 Man Portable Drill Rig

Tight access drilling in remote area or shallow bore drilling in difficult terrain.

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Drilling Experts

We have been building drilling solutions for project managers for over 30 years.