Colloidal Grout Mixer & Pump

Geothermal grout mixer
Colloidal grout mixer and pump
Colloidal Grout Mixer & pump

The onboard water tank eliminates the needs for buckets and reduces mix time. Continuous pumping at 45 gpm at pressures up to 150 PSI. The 65 gallon colloidal mixing system is fully speed controllable so bentonite hydrates in the bore, not in the tank. 55 gallon pumping hopper designed to allow continuous operation, mixing and pumping at the same time. A typical 300 ft geothermal bore at 4.75″ OD takes approximately 7-8 minutes to grout, variable depending on the product being pumped. A sturdy, forklift frame allows the units to be mounted to a trailer, truck bed or used directly on site.

  • MODEL: G-20 High Efficiency Colloidal Grout Mixer & Pump
  • APPLICATIONS: Water well, Geothermal, Geotechnical, Micro Piling +
Length60″ (1,524 mm)
Width54″ (1,371 mm)
Height61″ (1,549 mm)
Weight890 lbs (404 kg)
Engine – StandardGas
Engine – OptionalDiesel or Electric
Pressure2,000 psi (137 bar)
Hydraulic Reservoir40 gallon (151 ltr)
Mixing System65 gallon Colloidal (246 ltr)
Pumping System55 gallon Colloidal (208 ltr)
Water Tank22 gallon Colloidal (83 ltr)
Discharge PumpProgressive Cavity or Piston Types
Pump Capabilities45 gpm / 150 psi
Skid MountedYes.