K1 Drill Mast

geotechnical drill mast on a skid steer
K1 Skid Steer Drill Mast for dewatering
Skid Steer Drill Mast Attachment Controls
K1 Skid Steer Drill Mast Attachment
The K1 Skid Steer Drill Mast Attachment is ideal for dewatering and solar applications. Capable of drilling with augers, helical anchors, ground screws, DTH hammers and mud drilling setups the K1 can drill over 200 ft for small bore applications, or to shallower depths for larger bore holes, i.e foundation and underpinning applications. For skid steer or excavator attachment.
  • MODEL: K1 Drill Mast Attachment – 6ft Stroke 
  • APPLICATIONS: Micropiling, geotechnical, rock drilling, dewatering.
Power, Hydraulics & Dimensions
ROTARY HEADS : (Standard)
Max Torque2,700 ft-lbs (3,660 Nm)
Max Speed80 rpm
Speed ControlVariable
ROTARY HEADS : (D4 Drill Head)
Max Torque1,020 ft-lbs (1,382 Nm)
Max Speed140 rpm
Speed ControlVariable
System Pressure3,000 psi (206 bar)
Max Flow20-24 gpm (75-90 lpm)*
Height7’ (2,133 mm)
Mast Stroke6’ (1,828 mm)
Max Pullback6,600 lbs (2.992 kg)
Weight (mast only)725 lbs (328 kg)*
Clamp SystemOptional
Side to Side MovementOptional
Features & Options
Auger Guide Foot Plate. 6” OD (152 mm) bore.*
Transport/Storage T-Legs.
Standard 2-Hose Quick-Disconnect Connection
Hydraulic Main Cylinders provide maximum Pullback.
Carrier Machine Mounting Plate / Bracket.*
Guide Plate & Breakout Wrench. 9” OD (229 mm) bore.
Manual Breakout Wrenches.
Guide Plate & Breakout Wrench. 12” OD (304 mm) bore.
Auxiliary Winch. 42’ rope / 1,470 lbs pull.
Winch Extension Package. 2,000 lbs (907 kg) pull.
Remote Controls. Tracks Only or Tracks, Rotation & Feed.*
Dust Suppression System for DTH Hammer Drilling.
Trip Wire Safety System. (European Spec).
Mast Mounted Flood Lights.
Dewatering Tooling Package