K60 Drilling Rig

K60 Drilling Rig for geothermal drilling
K60 Micropile Drill Rig
K60 Geothermal & Geotechnical DRILLING RIG

The K60 is a powerful and versatile drilling rig with setups for micropiles, geothermal, geotechnical and waterwell drilling applications. High torque and high speed drill head options are available. The K60 is a capable geothermal drilling rig for residential and commercial geothermal projects.

The K60 is capable of running augers, sampling tooling, DTH hammers, top hammers, mud drilling equipment and more.

  • MODEL: K60 Drilling Rig
  • APPLICATIONS: Micropiling, Geothermal, Geotechnical, Exploration +
Power & Hydraulics
System Pressure3,000 psi (206 bar)
Max Flow47 gpm (180 lpm)
Max Pullback22,000 lbs (10,000 kg)
Max Pushdown16,000 lbs (7,257 kg)
Engine Power90 hp (70 kW)
Fuel Tank31 gallons (117 L)
Hydraulic Tank65 gallons (248 L)
Cooling SystemLiquid Cooled
Max Torque10,400 ft-lbs with JT205 (14,000 Nm)
Max Speed205 rpm with JT222-M
Through Bore2-3/8” (60 mm)
Speeds2-Speed Variable
Dimensions & Weights
Height (Drilling Position)18’ 3” (5.56 m)
Height (Transport Position)7’ 2” (2.17 m)
Length (Drilling Position)12’ 3” (3.73 m)
Mast Stroke11’ 10” (3.6 m)
Width60” (1.52 m) (48" no rod rack)
Weight10,955 lbs (4,970 kg)
Track Width60” (1.52 m) (48" no rod rack)
Track Length90” (2,286 mm)

* Dependant on options / Additional upgrades may be required.

Standard Features
Clam Clamps & Breakout Wrench. 9” D (229 mm) bore. 18" ID Optional.
Rotation Head Horizontal Slide. 24” (609 mm) slide.
Onboard Rod Rack. Holds 350’ of 10’ drill rods.
Winch & Mast Extension. 2,200 lbs (998 kg) pull.
Lubricator. 2.2 gallons (8.3 L).
Swing-Out ‘Z’ Frame Control Arm.
Hydraulic Jack Legs.
Auxiliary Spool Control.
Double Breakout Clamps.
Safety Clamp System. Hands-free breakout.
Auxiliary Winch. 42’ rope / 2,000 lbs pull.
Winch Upgrade. 4,500 lbs (2,040 kg) pull.
Remote Controls. Tracks Only or Tracks, Rotation & Feed.
Dust Suppression System for DTH Hammer Drilling.
Trip Wire Safety System. (European Spec).
Mast Mounted Flood Lights.
Mud Pump. 150-180 gpm / 300-800 psi.*
JT-300 Series Drill Heads: Max Torque 20,800 ft-lbs.*